Deep Learning in Insurance – Theory and Practice (1/2 Feb) (on line)

In computational science, deep learning probably is one of the most heralded techniques of present time and recent history, mainly due to its versatility and impressive achievements likewise. Indeed, applications of deep learning range from beating the (human) world champion of the highly complicated Go game to the promise of deploying self-driving cars in the near future, on a large scale and all over the world. Deep learning (DL) pertains to the field of artificial intelligence and is grea...
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Webinar “Los límites de la Inteligencia Artificial”

Inteligencia Artificial
Webinar "Los límites de la Inteligencia Artificial" Ponente: José Antonio Álvarez Jareño (Profesor Universidad de Valencia y ponente de la EPAF del IAE) Duración: 50 minutos CPD: reconocido con 1 hora de CPD Idioma: español Grabado el 22 de mayo de 2020 Justificante de participación a efectos de CPD
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