The CERA Credential

The CERA Enterprise Risk Management credential is the most comprehensive and globally-recognized Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualification. CERA is the abbreviation of Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary.

The CERA qualification is a technically strong business focused qualification. It provides risk professionals with strong qualitative and quantitative insights to ERM that drive better business decisions.

The CERA Global Association (CGA) grants actuarial organizations the right to award the global CERA qualification to individual actuaries who have satisfied the requisite education and training requirements set out in the CERA Global Treaty. The Instituto de Actuarios Españoles is a member of CGA and an award signatory for CERA.

In order to become a CERA it is necessary to be a member of the Instituto de Actuarios Españoles in the first place and afterwards attend the seminars (Core Syllabus) and pass the exams of the following four modules

  • Module A: Concept, Framework and Quantitative Methods of ERM
  • Module B: Classification, Modelling and Transfer of Risks
  • Module C: ERM processes
  • Module D: ERM – Economic Capital

For further information on the CERA qualification please visit the CERA global website.

The qualification is nowadays based on the CERA Examination Regulations 2.1 of the DAV/EAA. The European Actuarial Academy (EAA) offers a series of training courses and exams through DAV to study for the CERA designation to all actuaries, who want to deepen their knowledge in ERM. Find more information for the schuled seminars on the EAA website.

Once the seminars and the exams have been passed, the CERA credential will be provided by the Instituto de Actuarios Españoles.

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